Our commitment is to buy as much locally as we can to promote and focus on a sustainable future. If  we cannot buy locally then our goal is to support Canadian Farmers and bring the best of what is offered to you each and every time you visit. "The Love of Good Food" starts with the ingredients you begin with.

Let the Food Speak for Itself!!!

Food has taken a lot of twist and turns, from the strange and bizarre to what is it? As a Chef , I feel food should speak for itself, a carrot should taste like a carrot for example. My goal as a Chef is to honor the food we bring into the kitchen treat it with respect and do our very best to present it to you in a way that is memorable and satisfying!! I'm not fancy, but I love flavor and will do my best each time to bring to you a plate that you can tell others about, if we don't hit that mark, please let us know. We can only grow and better ourselves with your feedback good and bad!!. We love good feedback, but sometimes bad help us evaluate what were dong and make adjustments for next time!!!

Sourcing Locally

As We Grow with the Community Our Local Selection Will Expand

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